We are delighted to welcome Anjumon Ali and Niloufar Javadi Abhari to the company.

They join us as Summer Research Interns, and will be working on the Green Skills at Vocational Education project over the coming weeks.

Niloufar is an anthropology undergraduate at UCL, and will be starting her second year in the autumn. Anjumon is studying geography, also at UCL, and she too will be starting her second year after completing her internship. Between them they bring wide-ranging experiences to the company, and we all hope it will be a rewarding experience for them both.

Landward Research Ltd would like to thank UCL Careers for arranging these valuable internships, which are supported by Santander Universities.

Interns at Landward Research Ltd

Donn Grenda, the President of SRI has written a short piece in the SAA June 2018 Government Affairs and International Government Affairs Update. He has picked up on the recent issue of the (defeated) proposal to allow non-professionals to carry out archaeological fieldwork on Arizona state lands, and the concern that this could come back in Arizona or that it could, or does happen in other US states.

This is particularly a concern where the actual numbers of professional archaeologists are unknown, and so arguments about over- (‘there are plenty archaeologists looking at other stuff – they aren’t interested in this site‘) or under-capacity (‘there aren’t enough archaeologists in this state – we are helping out because they cannot do this without us‘) can’t be countered with arguments supported by data.

Insight and Analysis
Who Is Doing The Research?

Donn Grenda, Ph.D.
Statistical Research, Inc.
Chair, Government Affairs Committee

The defeat–at least for now–of the measure in Arizona that would have allowed non-professionals with minimal training to conduct archaeological investigations on Arizona state lands for any type of project has raised larger questions that archaeologists need to focus on: just how many states, and which federal agencies (if any), allow non-archaeologists to conduct investigations on their land? We need to know where this practice is going on, and whether or not it is spreading. To that end, in the weeks ahead SAA will seek out and welcome relevant information on this topic from its members in all 50 states, so that we can begin providing our membership with a complete picture on this important matter. Help us fill these maps!

Non-Professional Archaeologists in the...

Landward Research Ltd are very pleased to be supporting The Heritage Education Network (THEN).

THEN are doing great work, building up an alliance of like-minded organisations to share information and connections for anyone who uses, manages, teaches, or creates information about past or present peoples and cultures.

We think their annotated bibliography project is particularly good!

And we are pleased to say that we created and are maintaining their website, and feel very proud of it.

The Heritage Education Network

Landward Research Ltd are very pleased to have again been certified as carbon neutral by Carbon Footprint.

We reduced the amount of CO2 that the company’s activities produced in 2017-18 to 68% of the 2016-17 levels, and have offset the 13.5 tonnes of CO2 that our activities produced in 2017-18 through supporting projects around the world which reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency.

All of our annual offset certificates are published here.



Carbon Neutral in 2017-18