Landward Research Ltd are very pleased to be supporting The Heritage Education Network (THEN).

THEN are doing great work, building up an alliance of like-minded organisations to share information and connections for anyone who uses, manages, teaches, or creates information about past or present peoples and cultures.

We think their annotated bibliography project is particularly good!

And we are pleased to say that we created and are maintaining their website, and feel very proud of it.

The Heritage Education Network

Landward Research Ltd are very pleased to have again been certified as carbon neutral by Carbon Footprint.

We reduced the amount of CO2 that the company’s activities produced in 2017-18 to 68% of the 2016-17 levels, and have offset the 13.5 tonnes of CO2 that our activities produced in 2017-18 through supporting projects around the world which reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency.

All of our annual offset certificates are published here.



Carbon Neutral in 2017-18

The schedule for the Ethics Bowl at the forthcoming SAA annual meeting has been published, with details of all the teams that are competing and who is facing who in the first round. Download flyer.



Ethics Bowl at SAA18

Landward Research Ltd are delighted to announce that Kenneth Aitchison has become an ONS Accredited Researcher, having successfully passed the Safe Researcher Training assessment.

This means that Landward Research Ltd will be able to deliver projects that require access to data that cannot be published openly, for statistical research purposes, as permitted by the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 (SRSA).


ONS Safe Researcher