Doug Rocks-Macqueen presented a poster at the IfA Annual Conference for Archaeologists in April 2011 which analysed trends in advertised starting salaries for archaeologists in the UK over the period from 1994-2011, drawing on data from the IfA’s own Jobs Information Service Bulletin.

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While individuals need to plan for their own CPD, organisations too need to have plans. This presentation explores how to combine individual objectives with organisational needs.

It examines the process of reviewing what skills an organisation needs to fulfil its aims, how to identify what skills the organisation’s staff already have, and from this to then recognise what skills the organisation wants its staff to obtain or improve and how to get there. It also covers dealing with the potential problems on the way and sources of information, advice and guidance.

Preparing a Training Plan for an Archaeological Organisation


Preparing a Training Plan for an Archa...

Landward Research staff will be attending and contributing to the IfA Annual Conference in Reading from 13-15 April 2011.

We will be making making three poster presentations which will be on show at the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology stand. 

Doug-Rocks Macqueen’s poster presents a detailed analysis of all the jobs that have been advertised in UK archaeology since 1994 and the trends that these reveal.

Kenneth Aitchison has two posters – one on the Survey of Archaeological Specialists project, and the other giving provisional results of the April “state of the market” review of the number of people in archaeological employment at the start of this month and looking at what has happened to archaeology since the start of the economic downturn.

All of these posters will go live on this website before the end of the conference.

Kenneth is also presenting on Preparing a Training Plan for an Archaeological Organisation in the workshop CPD logs, PDPs and Training Plans, at 1445 on Wednesday and at at 1000 on Thursday.

Please do catch up with us at the Subject Centre stand!

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A new survey on job losses in archaeology, gathering data for April 2011, has now gone live and FAME members and IfA Registered Organisations are being asked to complete it here.



April 2011 Archaeology Job-loss Survey